The Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Balma is in Zorita del Maestrazgo, 3km from the center of the town, in the province of Castellón. It is a religious Renaissance building located in the rock and built between the XVI and XVIII centuries.

La Balma is an important place for the pilgrims from the towns of Castellón and Teruel. This pilgrimage center against “the evil” became popular in the XVIII century, when people started to ask for health recoveries which were attributed to religion and possessions.The sanctuary was declared Artistic Historical Monument in 1979.

Llàgrimes de la Balma (Balma’s Tears) is the ancestral liqueur made in the ancient country houses in Els Ports, the surrounding mountains.

Eyes: Yellow, dark reddish tones.
Nose: Aromatic herbs, wild flowers.
Mouth: Very aromatic thanks to the great variety of herbs from the mountains in the Alt Maestrat. Citrus tinges (lemon and orange). Deep orange blossom ending.
Consume cool or on the rocks.
25% vol.
6 bottles of 50cl per box.