The elaboration of spirits in Spain is connected to the still, which was brought by the Arabs. The raw material in the distillation of oruxos is the skin of grapes resulting from the wine elaboration. This leftover is distilled again in a still until we obtain the best quality.

We distinguish between white oruxo spirit and liquors from oruxo, which are submitted to a very different process: aromatic herbs from the mountain (Orujo de hierbas), tea and flowers (Orujo de té y mil flores), pacharán (Orujo pacharán).

It is recommended to taste them in the approximate temperature of 5 ºC. It works as a digestive and for this reason it is consumed after meals in a balloon glass or in a frozen shot glass.

The Zuda Castle, nowadays a state-run tourist hotel, was built under the mandate of Abd al-Rahman III and it is situated on a hill by the River Ebro in Tortosa.