Pale mahogany colour. Very fine and elegant fragrances of good ageing, excellent distillation. Wide on the palate, with character and a fine tannin touch, very light and tasty.
Many years ago, when we selected the brandy María Lehmann X.O to be matured in American oak barrels from Pennsylvania, we reserved three barrels of 300 litres for an exceptional ageing. Later, we continued the process moving it to Limousin oak barrels so as it acquired, as the years went by resting in our centenary cellars, that unsurpassable bouquet of the greatest brandies. Coinciding with the epic of the III Millennium, the appropriate moment to offer you the only 1.155 bottles presented in a wooden case has come, with the security of contributing with a great masterpiece to a great event. María Lehmann X.O Millennium.Presented in an exclusive green glass decanter and gift-wrapped in a wooden jewel case.

Serving suggestions: in the classical brandy glass. Do not heat in order to appreciate all its qualities, always between 16º and 18º.



40% vol.

1 bottle of 70cl per box.