Fire red colour.

Deep and intense aroma.

Excellent and emphasized palate of wormwood (Artemisa Absinthium). Slightly bitter and mellow because of the softness of the fine liquorice distillates. With character.

It is known that the principal ingredient of the ancient and mythical absinth is the wormwood and its components: the thujones (molecules from the cannabis family). Due to these molecules, absinth was interdicted and nowadays its content is limited to a maximum of 10 mg/l to avoid possible “hallucinations”.

However, our THUJONE DELIRIUM is even more similar to the one that used to drink Picasso, Hemmingway, Baudelaire, Toulousse Lautrec, Manet… with much more thujones.

Consume cold or practice the absinth ritual.
Thujon content: 35 mg/l

Like all our absinthes, it doesn’t contain anise.



70% vol.

6 bottles of 70cl. per box.