Absinth is one of the most famous and controversial spirits in history.

Macerated and distilled beverage of aromatic plants -concretely wormwood and liquorice- found in artists of the end of the XIX century and beginnings of XX it’s most important customers. Wilde,Van Gogh, Baudelaire, Manet, Picasso, Degas,  Hemingway… found in absinth the inspiration for their many works.

This inspiration is given by wormwood, or better said by thujones, a molecule of the family of cannabis which causes causes a sensation of absolute pleasure and will be the originator of its ban in 1915; first in Switzerland, then in France, Great Britain and almost all the countries where it was consumed.

It is said that it was the absinth which made Heminway fight a bull and encouraged Van Gogh to cut his ear.

BODEGAS Y DESTILERIAS LEHMANN S.A. elaborates its absinthes from the old recipes that Joan Curto, as well as his son, Ismael, created in the origins of our family distillery in 1870.

With the maceration of wormwood and liquorice -the main ingredients of absinth- we obtain a spirit which is balanced and neat on the palate.

The especial way of consumption is another appeal of this beverage: the so-called Absinth Ritual.

Firstly, pour the absinth into a glass with a special absinth spoon with two sugar cubes. The soaked sugar is then set on fire until it melts and caramelizes, and then is stirred into the drink. Cold water is then added to the drink.

You can also combine it in many cocktails.