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Bodegas y Destilerías Lehmann was fouded by Joan Curto Gasol, in the city of Tortosa, during the last third of the 19th century, in 1870, thanks to the positive atmosphere created by the Industrial Revolution. In the beginning all traditional local spirits, distilled from anise, wine and herbs were the main products. In 1895 when his son Ismael Curto Curto joined the business , introduced the ageing in oak barrels, starting to produce our prestigious “soleras”. After the Civil War, María Lehmann Curto, third generation took up again the industrial and commercial activity providing innovative products and a wide variety of fine sweet liqueurs, which quickly achieved a special place in the market. One hundred years later, in 1970, Emilio Lehmann -the fourth generation- redefined the scope of the company. Based on the old “soleras”, started the elaboration of fine quality Reserva and Gran Reserva brandy  developing high quality as well as an unsurpassable Ponche Reserve. He also promoted the production process mechanization and modernization of sales and distribution department which allowed the expansion of the Spanish market with new fruit liqueurs, cream liqueurs, marc, pacharán and the old absinthe. The entry into the EC consolidated the distillery as exporter and currently its spirits are present on five continents.

Emilio J. Lehmann
(Fifth Generation)